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Are you starting as missionary and need a team of financial partners, join our training for Ministry Partner Development.

We know healthy missionaries are driving the effort to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus. Getting you financially healthy into your mission field is the starting point for Ministry Partner Development. The MPD training will help you feel equipped to ask boldly for partners to be generous and to see God’s Kingdom built. 

Get to know the training (translated from Dutch)

What is MPD? (translated from Dutch)

Experiences from the training (translated from Dutch)

Meet the team (translated from Dutch)

START RECRUITING! here you can find our expectations for recruiting staff to the training.

( < 1 year on staff)

Sign up as New staff (Full Track)

If you are relatively new as a staff worker, you can join us if you meet our entry requirements: 

  1. A commitment to all the preparations: 20 hours of work in the month prior to the training.
  2. A time investment into your development of 20 hours per week in the 4 months from the start of the training (or beyond depending on your personal goal)
  3. You are faithful in your commitments and eager to learn from others.

Email mpd360@navigators.nl to get the conversation started.

LOW TARGET TRACK (same place & time) is available for:

Trainee/ New staff: budget less than £1000/month, works 1-2 days a week, commitment 1-2 years. We will design a special light track for this group, the commitment will be smaller and the training a bit shorter. When you grow in budget and commitment at a later moment in time, you can follow full track at a later date the course again, and then do the full track. 

Dates and deadlines

A conversation between one of the trainers with each individual participant will happen before we send out the Start Package. This conversation needs to happen at the latest one months before the training starts.

  • HR notification deadline: 24th February.
  • Participant registration deadline: 10th March.
  • A call with the trainers two weeks prior to the training.
  • April 18-20 April 2023, a 2,5 day live training. Location in the UK: Birmingham. Starts April 18 at 3pm. Includes overnight stays and meals. Ends 20 April 6pm.
  • Followed by five Zoom Training Tuesdays: 10:30 am 5:30 pm.
    Dates: April 25, May 2,9,16, 23.
  • Time schedule during training Tuesdays: 10:30-13:00 Online Training / 13:00-16:30 (2,5 h. working / 1h. break) / 16:30-17:30 Online Training.
  • Kickstart Development Phase Day 1-5pm online on Sept 12.


Your time preparing, training and ‘on the job’ action will be your biggest input in the training, joined with a 330 pound participant fee.

Time investment

We facilitate the MPD proces for senior staff (>1 year on staff) when invited by your organisation and fully dedicated as asked above. If not: reach out to equippers around you or ask us to connect you for other training -/ coaching options.

If you are an experienced staff worker, looking to equip others in MPD, you are invited to this training as future facilitator. See Are you willing to equip others in MPD?

Content for new staff

From the model of the Partner Triangle, we have developed Eight Building Blocks that are necessary in order to be biblically and emotionally equipped to create a team of partners. We start with a Preparation phase before talking about the Construction phase (0 to 100% budget), that is followed by the Development phase (staying on 100% long term).

We have a free Preview of our Online Learning Environment available. You can make an account an already see some of the elements that will be part of our training. The full online training cannot be entered without the full live-training: because we believe you learn best in a cohort of other learners. Welcome to join!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

More information: mpd360@navigators.nl

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