Are you willing to equip others in MPD?

Do you have a vision for
financially healthy labourers in Gods Kingdom?

If you are looking for an opportunity to start equipping your co-workers with a fundraising goal, we want to journey together as MPD equippers. MPD stands for Ministry Partner Development (read more).


“In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” – 1 Corinthians 9:14

“It is a privilege for staff to invite partners into their ministry, just as it is a privilege to share the gospel.” – Horst Reiser, Agape Europe, Partner Development


We know healthy missionaries are driving the effort to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus. Getting them financially healthy into their mission field is the starting point for Ministry Partner Development. Creating a team of partners around every missionary is a structural need within mission organisations. The MPD training will help our co-workers feel equipped to ask boldly for partners to be generous and to see God’s Kingdom built.  

Long term vision

Our desire over the coming years is to develop a multi national, multi organizational team of equippers, trainers and coaches, with the goal of getting laborers into the harvest field, financially healthy.

START RECRUITING! here you can find our expectations for recruiting staff to the training.

Dates and deadlines

For planning purposes you can check the English MPD training. The next training will be April 18-20 2023 in Birmingham (UK) and 6 online training Tuesdays from 10am-5pm). For trainers and equippers this means arrive 17 April at 18: 00, and finish evaluation 21 april until lunch (depart at 12:00).


Your time investment will be to get to know all the materials. You will be allowed to work with all our materials for 2 years after entering the training, after that a yearly fee of 24 euro per participant that you help train. We would love to investigate how you will be able to use the materials in your own context. This will be an ongoing conversation. For joining the Equippers- training, your learning experience and our investment in you we will charge a 395 pound future facilitator fee that covers most of our costs and the training conference.

Location Birmingham, United Kingdom

Yes, when we host a training, we prefer a Live setting. This being a parallel training will help you experience the full MPD training and see what God is doing in the participants. The main language will be English for both equippers and participants. Travel costs are for your own account.

About the trainers

We are a team of equippers with the goal to see MPD as an attitude in every gift based organisation. We understand there is a need to grow in the structural and cultural areas of this process as well as strong coaching as soon as possible. Within the MPD training however, we will focus on the competencies of the individual missionary to be biblically underlaid and skillful in the different steps of finding, asking and developing a team of partners.

Get to know us.

Role description? Job interview?

Most of us did not do a job interview for the position of MPD equipper, we grew in the role of MPD trainer, coach or facilitator. In the same way,  we invite you to investigate in what way you could start equipping others. We want to model an MPD training, but also the coaching and accountability aspects. Together with you we will use the first months of the training to discover the materials, coaching attitude and potential ways to facilitate others in their MPD journey.

Your equipper journey

We as a trainer- and facilitator team invite you to join us in our journey to help more and more people get into the mission field.

We are using the term ‘certified trainer’ in other communication, that is to clarify our model-assist-watch-leave attitude of equipping you to equip others. We do not want to simply train trainers, but enter an ongoing equippers relationship.

If you want to equip others in MPD, please set up a conversation with us using by sending an email to Speak to you soon!

We do not facilitate the MPD proces for senior staff (>1 year on staff), please reach out to equippers around you or ask us to connect you.

If you are a new staff worker, please join this training as participant. See English training.

Let us know you are a Future facilitator by email or contact us for more information:

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